I had the opportunity to talk to Devon for a few minutes after practice this morning about being signed to the RSL roster and the upcoming season.  From my observations at camp this last week I think Devon is a young talent with lots of potential.  Devon is strong, fast and unafraid at lashing shots on goal from any angle with power and pace.  He probably scored at least half a dozen goals at training this morning.  He seems to be adjusting very well to the speed of play and looks comfortable with the team and his role.  I am excited to see what he will bring to RSL in the years to come. It appears RSL may have found a very exciting young forward in their own back yard!

sandoval2 Below is the transcript of my conversation with Devon.

RSL Soccer Talk:  How do you feel about being signed by RSL?

Devon:   I’m extremely happy.  Like I said before this is where I wanted to play and I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to play here.  I couldn’t be happier.

RSL Soccer Talk:  How do you feel your adjusting to the team’s style of play?

Devon:  I think I am starting to adjust pretty well.  I feel like I am used to the speed of play now but there is a lot of room for me to improve and get better.  So I am working everyday to get better.

RSL Soccer Talk:  What are the main differences you notice between the University of New Mexico and RSL?

Devon:  Just the speed of play, that is the first thing.  It is non-stop; it felt like it was 100mph when I first got here.  Now I feel like I am getting pretty fit and I can take care of myself, I can hold my own.  That’s the main thing, the speed of play.  Everybody is so good that if you make one mistake you are going to get punished so you have to be good with the ball.

RSL Soccer Talk:  What is your favorite thing so far about the club?

MLS: Preseason-New York Red Bulls vs Real Salt LakeDevon:  I don’t know if it is just one thing, I have enjoyed the whole experience so far.  Preseason has gone really well I think.  I am trying to take it all in and learn as much as I can.

RSL Soccer Talk:  What are your goals for this season and beyond?

Devon:   I am I just trying to work as hard as I can and help the team however I can, hopefully win the cup.  If I get the opportunity to play I want to score a goal and take care of business.

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